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Lorena Garcia is a seasoned tango dancer and teacher with over 18 years of experience dancing and 14 years teaching tango. Her tango focuses in natural movements, mechanics of the body, musicality and partner communication. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, she began her tango journey in August 2006 and moved to Buenos Aires in January 2007, where she honed her tango skills for over 15 years. Lorena's first tango teachers were Federico Naveira and his family: Olga Besio and Gustavo Naveira who had a significant influence on her style. She also received lessons from notable masters such as Nito Garcia and Elba Sotile, Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau, Eduardo Parejita, Javier Rodriguez, Milena Plebs, Claudio Gonzalez, Andres Laza Moreno, Pancho Martinez Pey, and Yanina Erramouspe among the most influential.

Lorena's teaching philosophy emphasizes the natural and easy flow of movements and developing body awareness, musicality, and communication with one's partner. Her approach includes visual, auditory, and sensorial exercises to help students understand the lessons naturally and effectively. Lorena's extensive teaching experience and incorporation of exercises learned from her masters and developed through personal experience make her teaching unique.

Lorena's love for tango extends beyond the dance itself to the music. She has performed in many Buenos Aires milongas over the years as well as in Venezuela, United States, The Netherlands, among other countries. In 2022, Lorena entered the European Tango Championship as a leader and achieved the 6th position among all leaders in Europe. She also reached the 8th position in the Tango Vals Category.

Lorena is also well-known for her role in organizing one of the most important places to dance tango on a Saturday night in Buenos Aires since 2018, Milonga El Entrevero. The milonga took place in Fulgor Club, which was inaugurated by the legendary Osvaldo Pugliese himself. After the covid era this milonga closed, and Lorena moved to live in The Netherlands.

Lorena's passion for tango extends beyond the dance floor, as she hopes her students become the best versions of themselves, improving their technique and connection to the music, as well as practicing the codes, respect, and other aspects of tango that are not strictly dance-related.

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Our mission is to spread the joy and passion of Tango to everyone, regardless of age or experience level, by providing high-quality dance lessons, DJ services, and event performances that are inclusive, respectful, and professional.

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